I seriously love this time of year!

I seriously love this time of year! When you wake up in the morning and it’s raining out, you can finally rock your oversized sweaters and beanies 🥰 however, I know it gets tricky with staying on track and managing your meals! First things first let your hair down and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones, but make good choices and think of yourself & keep your goals firmly in mind when doing so ☝🏽
Here are some helpful tips to staying healthy this holiday season
1. Keep those tempting foods out of reach, stay clear of high calorie foods..like holiday goodies.
2. Try eating slower, it helps you pay attention to your fullness level and feel more satisfied with a smaller portion.
3. Plan physical activities around meals and exercise however possible.
4. I know we love our alcohol but try to consume very little if possible. We tend to eat more or eat things we wouldn’t normally consume because our inhibitions are lowered.
5. Avoid sugary drinks, water is your friend 😉
6. Swap out bigger plates with smaller ones so you won’t fit as much food on your plate as possible
7. Don’t let Turkey day turn into “I blew it” and binge that lasts till January 1st. Make sure you get back to your exercise routine the next day, plan something fun and active for your family and friends..just do your best to stay off the couch.
8. Lastly don’t guilt yourself or beat yourself up in the upcoming week if you do indulge and eat “too much” focus instead on the present, and be proud your conscious of your eating and exercise behaviors, and your efforts to improve them
This is a time for celebration! Focus on family and friends, socialize, make sure to spend quality time together..enjoy these moments! Happy Holidays friends 🥰

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